Carlos Correa turned into a flappy bird watching Alex Bregman's walk-off

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In the World Series, everything is amped up. Every game is turned to 11, and every hit is meaningful. Sunday night’s Game 5 between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers proved that in spades. Ten innings, approximately a million lead changes, game-tying home runs, and an epic Astros walk-off (they won 13-12) made it an instant classic.

And when there are walk-offs, there must also be celebrations. Astros shortstop Carlos Correa had a front row seat for Alex Bregman’s walk-off single in the bottom of the tenth inning, and his reaction to Bregman’s hit is also destined to become a classic.

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There are several stages to Correa’s unbelievably amazing reaction. The first stage is the “AAAHHH SOMETHING IS HAPPENING” moment, after Bregman laced that hit and Derek Fisher started running from second. Correa did a side-skip arm loop motion that made him look like the most excited third base coach that’s ever lived.

That side skip took Correa elegantly into stage two of his reaction, in which he ran up behind the home plate umpire to watch Fisher slide in while wildly flapping his arms. All the excitement inside of him had to escape, and it looks like it escaped through his arms. Like the penguin and the chicken before him, he failed to take flight. But that’s the best part about being so excited and amped up: the excitement inside your brain explodes out of your body in different ways, but you don’t care how you look because AWESOME THINGS ARE HAPPENING!

Carlos Correa knows how to celebrate awesome baseball things. (AP Photo)
Carlos Correa knows how to celebrate awesome baseball things. (AP Photo)

The final stage in Correa’s reaction is the finger raise of triumph. With arms a-flapping, Correa crouched down to watch Fisher slide into home. The umpire swept his arms across in the “safe” motion, and then Correa stood up, raised his right index finger to the sky, and ran and cheered in total jubilation. It looked like Correa was *so* happy that he actually started running with his eyes closed.

In fact, Correa might have been so excited that his brain stopped working.

Whether Correa remembers it or not, that reaction was awesome. That game was awesome. This World Series has been awesome. Baseball is the best, you guys!

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