Carlos Beltran's glove comes back from the dead for start in outfield

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We had no idea the Houston Astros were such big fans of “Game of Thrones.” Just two days after the club held a funeral service for designated hitter Carlos Beltran’s glove, they decided to bring it back to life.

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For the first time since May 16, Carlos Beltran will play the outfield on Wednesday.

“Game of Thrones” Season 6 spoilers to follow in the next paragraph. Skip it if you’re not caught up.

The death of Carlos Beltran’s glove didn’t last long. (Getty Images)
The death of Carlos Beltran’s glove didn’t last long. (Getty Images)

Yeah, Beltran’s glove stayed dead about as long as Jon Snow. And we can’t help but note how much it feels like we’ve been trolled here. The entire team held a funeral service Monday, complete with fake gravestones and Brian McCann in black robes (or a black Snuggie). Just two days later, manager A.J. Hinch brought it back. We feel misled, kinda like when Kit Harrington and the “Game of Thrones” producers insisted Jon Snow was dead for months only to bring him back after two episodes.

The Astros have played two games since Beltran’s mitt was put to rest. Initially, the returns seemed promising. In the first game after the memorial service, Beltran went 2-for-4, hitting his 12th home run of the season. Things didn’t go as well in Game 2. Beltran went 0-for-3, but reached base on a walk.

Baseball, much like “Game of Thrones,” is unpredictable. While Beltran suddenly turning things around after his glove was brought back to life would make a good narrative, that seems too convenient.

In true George R.R. Martin fashion, this is just probably setting the glove up for another cruel and painful death a few weeks from now.

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