You Need To Be Careful Flipping 2-Ingredient Banana Egg Pancakes

Preparing banana and egg pancakes
Preparing banana and egg pancakes - Hassel Stock/Shutterstock

Recipe developer Jennifer En's two-ingredient banana and egg pancakes are quick and delicious but can be a bit finicky. As with anything that only uses two ingredients (mashed banana and beaten eggs), the mixture is susceptible to breaking apart. Therefore, En recommends "[keeping] their delicate nature in mind when flipping." The pancake will fall to bits if you're too forceful, leaving you with a scrambled mush and a burnt and unpleasant breakfast.

There are two ways around this problem. The first is by using the correct tool. En suggests using a thin rubber spatula. Because rubber spatulas are more flexible than wooden or metal tools, they can get underneath even the thinnest pancakes. This means you won't risk smearing the mix across the pan (or spatula) in an attempt to flip the pancake. The second thing is to be patient. As easy as it is to become overwhelmed by the delicious smell of cooking pancakes and rush through, you'll only end up with a gooey end product. En explains that after the first flip, you should "cook until the other side is golden brown, one [or] two minutes more."

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How To Elevate Your Two-Ingredient Pancakes

Chocolate chip pancakes
Chocolate chip pancakes - Highimpactphotography/Getty Images

Although these pancakes are super tasty on their own, there's plenty you can do to give them a bit of extra flavor and elevate them aesthetically. En's recipe recommends baking powder, honey, or vanilla extract as optional extras to add body and sweetness, and some have even posited that adding a dollop of mayonnaise, a secret ingredient you should add to your pancakes, will improve fluffiness. If you have some chocolate chips, add them to the batter, and you'll have some delicious chocolate pancakes.

In terms of aesthetics, you can't go wrong with fruit. The pop of vibrancy provided by a handful of berries can turn a pancake from a slightly boring beige to a canvas alive with color. If your bananas aren't too ripe, you can always slice some up and put them to one side or place them on top of your pancakes. If fresh fruit isn't available, check the cupboard. Lashings of chocolate spread, honey, peanut butter, or a good sprinkle of powdered sugar can make your pancakes look and taste even more delicious.

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