Cardinals buy bulletproof athletic cups after Yadier Molina's groin injury

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One of the most terrifying injuries of this baseball season so far was the Yadier Molina groin incident. Last Saturday, the St. Louis Cardinals catcher took a 102 mph foul tip to the groin, which caused a traumatic hematoma. It wasn’t pretty.

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Yadi had to leave the game and was taken to the hospital, where he then had emergency surgery to repair the damage. He’ll be out of commission for a month while he recovers.

It’s an unfortunate and unlucky injury, and the Cardinals want to make sure it doesn’t happen to any of their catchers again. According to Fox2Now out of St. Louis, the Cardinals have purchased three sets of a product called Armored Nutshellz, which are bulletproof athletic cups. Jeremiah Raber, president and CEO of Nutshellz, LLC, told the station that the Cardinals contacted him the day after Yadi’s injury.

According to the website, Armored Nutshellz are made with “some of the worlds strongest materials like Kevlar, carbon fiber, aero-space epoxies, and more.” And if you’re wondering whether or not these bulletproof athletic cups are actually bulletproof, there’s video evidence. Here’s a video of Raber getting shot in the groin with a real bullet while wearing an Armored Nutshellz cup. As the video says, do not try this at home!

Well okay then! The cups will stop a bullet, so they’re probably a good idea for catchers, who have an above average chance of getting hit in the groin with a baseball.

The Cardinals aren’t the first team to invest in several sets of Armored Nutshellz. Raber said that the Baltimore Orioles and the Cleveland Indians have each bought his products for their catchers. So congratulations to the catchers on all three teams, because their groins are now bulletproof. or follow her on twitter! Follow @lizroscher

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