Cardi B's 3D Manicure Looks Like It's Dripping In Ice — Literally

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It's officially spring, but Cardi B's new icy floral manicure is giving me the chills in the very best way.

Cardi and her stylist Kollin Carter attended The Hollywood Reporter's Power Stylists event in Los Angeles on March 27; the pair are one of the celebrity-and-stylist duos on the cover of the magazine. Instead of leaning into springy pastels, the rapper and manicurist Coca Michelle went with taupe gray nails covered in translucent 3D floral charms; they're flowers, but they look like they were carved out of crystal clear ice, like those fancy sculptures you see at parties.

Each long, stiletto-shaped nail was painted either a matte gray or a sheer, see-through grayish-taupe tone, with the oversized flower-shaped charms applied just below the tips on almost every nail. These aren't your typical daisy or rose-shaped charms, but rather more sculptural, modern designs reminiscent of blown glass. (See a close-up here.) I don't know about you, but I could stare at these nails for hours, and find something new every time. If Queen Elsa from Frozen turned a spring garden in full bloom into ice, it would look a lot like this manicure.

Cardi kept the gray vibes going with matching blue-gray contacts and wore her hair in a glamorous updo with soft curls pulled out to frame her face.

<h1 class="title">Cardi B Gray 3D Ice Nails</h1><cite class="credit">Getty Images</cite>

Cardi B Gray 3D Ice Nails

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Cardi's nails are an essential piece of her signature look. She likes them long, sharp, and super-pointy, though she recently threw us for a loop when she attended the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party in a short, black set in place of her usual stilettos. Her THR mani is right on trend, as gray nails have been a celebrity fave for much of the past year. Case in point: Lily James and Gabrielle Union, who have both gone gray recently and convinced us that the shade works well year-round, not just in the fall and winter. Jewels, 3D charms, and decals are also huge 2024 nail art trends, so if you need to cool down on a hot day this spring or summer, take a cue from Cardi and go floral, but add a touch of ice.

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