Canned Salmon Is The Key To Affordable Yet Delicious Croquettes

fried salmon pieces on plate
fried salmon pieces on plate - Molly Pisula / Tasting Table

Just because you're watching your wallet doesn't mean you can't enjoy a nice meal. Though fresh fish is optimal when you've set out to make fish croquettes at home, canned fish can equally come to the rescue. We understand it isn't always possible to run to the store and pick up fresh catch for your recipes, and stocking your pantry with canned salmon and other fish items sets you up for culinary success, especially if you have your heart set on making pan-fried salmon croquettes for tonight's dinner.

These crunchy, satisfying salmon patties are packed with protein, enhanced with seasoning, and encrusted with panko breadcrumbs. When paired with a creamy homemade dip flavored with dill and lemon, you may feel like you're sitting down for service at a Michelin-starred restaurant and forget about the numbers in your bank account. Whether you serve this dish with crusty bread or a seasonal salad, it will take a keen palate to pinpoint the origins of the salmon included in the recipe.

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An Easy Approach To Gourmet-Style Meals

salmon in metal can
salmon in metal can - Natalia Wimberley/Shutterstock

Canned fish can also lend to campfire recipes if you're looking to elevate an outdoor dining experience. Easy to carry and wield, pre-packaged canisters of fish can be quickly mixed with spices and formed into patties to fry in a hot oiled pan. Customize your croquettes with your own choices of seasonings, whether it be Old Bay or smoked paprika, and include finely chopped bell peppers and shallots to turn up the flavor volume on freshness.

Before using canned salmon, drain the fish and remove any pieces of bone or skin. Keep the empty container to help you form evenly shaped patties and use a shallow dish to coat each piece with your choice of breadcrumbs. When finished cooking each patty, the exterior of your croquettes will brown. Estimate cooking each side for around five minutes to reach golden perfection. The next time you're browsing the aisles at your local market, remember that canned salmon offers a convenient and budget-friendly ingredient for you to put a satisfying dish together with ease. Grab an extra container to keep your pantry stocked.

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