A Canadian tries to get a K-pop haircut at the Olympics

SEOUL, South Korea — One thing you’ll notice after spending just a few hours in Seoul: great hair everywhere.

A big part of that is because of the huge Korean pop influence. In South Korea, K-pop is far more than just a genre of music — it’s a cultural zeitgeist. And as you would expect, style is a central element.

So if you’re going to truly embrace the culture of another country, why not try to look the part? Plus, we were told it was an experience we had to check out while in town for the day, so why not.

The one big takeaway from the whole experience is just how much work goes into keeping up appearances. For a simple, short-haired Canadian male, using a hair straightener on the daily seems like a lot to ask.

It was also a little intimidating. When was the last time you went into your hair salon or barber and told them to make you look like a Korean pop star? But it’s the Olympics — it’s all about pushing boundaries.

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