Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Stopped to Chat With a Family ... in His Kayak

As if Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau couldn’t get any more lovable, he recently surprised a family at their doorstep … well sort of. Here’s what happened: Monday was World Environment Day, and Justin was kayaking the waters of the Niagara River to celebrate. A nearby family spotted him and he stopped by for a chat.

Not only is he seemingly the nicest guy, but he’s not bad to look at either. Justin has been challenging Canadians to “get outside and connect with nature.” As he says, “I’m talking about feeling the sun on your face, the warmth of the wind, the coolness of water.”

This isn’t the first time that Justin has casually made friends with his fellow Canadians. A few weeks ago, he was going for a jog when he was snapped in the background of a high school prom photo. One of the students said that after the initial confusion of seeing their Prime Minister, they, as any good kids would do, asked for a photo. And since Canadians are known worldwide for being nice — you know that Justin said yes.


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