Cam Ward surrenders 'what the hell?' goal vs. Coyotes

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But, how?

Seems this is the question being pondered on a near-nightly basis in reaction to some of the strange ways pucks have found their way into the back of the Carolina Hurricanes’ net this season.

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So, of course it was the ‘Canes who allowed this mind-bender of a tally on Thursday:

Apparently (I say ‘apparently’ because after watching it 10 times I’m still convinced someone is just trolling my brain) the puck careened off the end boards after an Alex Goligoski dump-in and got stuck in the holder of Cam Ward’s skate. As Ward retreated to the net, his skate — with the puck wedged in it — crossed the goal line and ended up counting.

The Hurricanes’ season in a nutshell, folks.

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