Cadillac STS Recovered From Canal

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How did it get there?

A CadillacSTS which was reported stolen back in 2010 was recently pulled out of a canal in Coconut Creek, Florida. This sort of scene has played out a lot recently, in part thanks to improving technologies which make detecting vehicles submerged in bodies of water easier than ever. Now the question is who put the car in the canal and why?

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According to a local news report, the black Cadillac was reported stolen to police from Plantation, Florida. However, on January 21 an unidentified caller tipped off Broward Sheriff’s Office about the presence of the luxury vehicle, providing its exact location. That tipster only identified himself as “Youtuber.” That’s an interesting name to use since there are YouTube accounts dedicated to finding sunken cars and getting them removed from different bodies of water.

The sheriff’s office acted on the tip and a diver found the STS where the caller said it would be. After hauling it out of the watery grave and verifying the VIN, investigators contacted the owner. That man said he reported the Cadillac stolen back in July 2010, a fact which checked out.

While on the open market the Cadillac STS would reportedly fetch somewhere around $8,000 if it were in good condition, after sitting underwater for who knows how long it is useless. After all, many car parts will corrode through and through while sitting not only in water but also the minerals contained in silt at the bottom of a canal, river, or lake.

The local report doesn’t specify if the investigation is still ongoing, but we imagine most law enforcement agencies can’t dedicate many resources to cases like this. After all, in some areas dozens of

have been discovered at once, putting a big strain on local resources to not only remove them but also to determine who put them there and why.

Source: TAP Into Coconut Creek

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