In New Buyer's Agreement, Tesla Can Sue Early-VIN Cybertruck Flippers

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Tesla Fights Cybertruck Flippres With Legal ClauseTesla

Four years after the truck was first unveiled, Tesla finally plans to start delivering some Cybertruck orders to customers on November 30th. Deliveries are expected to be in fairly small quantities early, which opens the door for some of those customers to immediately flip their cars for a profit. According to an update to the brand's purchase agreement, the brand already has a plan to stop those potential resellers in their tracks.

Halfway down the brand's five-page purchase agreement is a new clause marked as "for Cybertruck only." In it, the agreement states that buyers will not sell their trucks within a year of purchase. Exceptions are to be handed out on a case-by-case basis, with Tesla then agreeing to buy the truck back for its original final purchase price minus 25 cents of depreciation per mile and other qualifications. Customers only have a chance to sell their Cybertrucks privately if Tesla is notified of a potential sale and the brand then chooses not to buy the specific vehicle back.

If those conditions aren't met, or if Tesla "has reasonable belief that you are about to breach [the reselling] provision," the brand reserves the right to stop the sale. They also hold the right to sue for the greater of either $50,000 or the potential profit from a sale and "may refuse to sell [the reseller] any future vehicles."

While these anti-flipping protections are the first used by Tesla, policies to keep owners from reselling limited-production cars shortly after buying them have become popular in many corners of the auto industry over the past few years. Companies like Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and General Motors have all recently implemented their own protections against resellers. Their plans range from warranty limitations to mandatory short-term leases, so Tesla's specific legal protections against Cybertruck flippers are not all that unusual on the modern marketplace.

Via Electrek.

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