Bryce Harper's secret for perfect hair exposed in brother's Twitter post

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Humans have made a number of significant scientific breakthroughs since the beginning of time. We’ve discovered antiseptics, vaccines for diseases and even explored space. But in the 25 years since Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper has been alive, we’ve failed to come close to understanding how his hair is so perfect … until today!

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One of the secrets behind Harper’s voluminous locks was revealed Wednesday. Turns out, when you have hair that good, one blow dryer will not cut it.

Bryce Harper’s hair requires two blow dryers. And we’re assuming that’s the absolute minimum. We wouldn’t be surprised if he snuck a third one in there on occasion.

You’ll note that the person who posted the video to Twitter is none other than Bryan Harper, Bryce’s brother. Yeah, Harper’s hair routine was exposed by his own brother.

You might think it’s a ruthless move by Bryan, but he’s actually the older brother. That makes this a peak older sibling antagonization strategy, and we can respect that.

At the same time, it’s clear Bryan still cares for his little brother. He didn’t reveal Bryce’s full hair routine. This was just a small piece to help us better understand how follicle perfection is achieved.

It could take years before America’s best scientists solve the rest of this mystery.

Bryce Harper’s hair requires a little more work than you might expect. (AP Photo)
Bryce Harper’s hair requires a little more work than you might expect. (AP Photo)

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