Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson and Catherine O'Hara Lip-Sync for Their Lives in 'Electric Energy' Music Video

The new song from Ariana DeBose, Boy George and Nile Rodgers is for the action-comedy spy movie ‘Argylle’

Ariana DeBose, Boy George and Nile Rodgers are turning up the heat in the music video for their new song “Electric Energy” — with help from the star-studded cast of Argylle.

As Boy George and DeBose lend their voices for this Argylle soundtrack song, a who’s who of celebrities from the action-comedy spy movie lends their lip-syncing talents for its music video, including Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Catherine O’Hara, Henry Cavill and John Cena.

Leading the silent chorus of lip-syncers are Bryce Dallas Howard, who stars as an author of fictional espionage novels that start to mirror real-life covert events, and Sam Rockwell, a spy who is trying to help keep her alive.

And while Cavill plays the James Bond-like titular character in Argylle, he takes a backseat here, mainly staring charmingly into the camera instead of lip-syncing enthusiastically like the rest of the cast.

<p>Universal Pictures/YouTube (4)</p> Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Henry Cavill and Catherine O’Hara

Universal Pictures/YouTube (4)

Bryan Cranston, Samuel L. Jackson, Henry Cavill and Catherine O’Hara

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Meanwhile, Cranston stands out as he wags his finger to the “all the things you fake” lyric and dances without abandon throughout the rest of the video, all while not missing a beat or word.

The Breaking Bad star appears to be having as much fun in this music video as he did making the movie with director Matthew Vaughn.

“[Vaughn is] crazy, in a wonderful way, and audacious and bold, and he never plays it safe, and I like that kind of film-making,” Cranston told PEOPLE at the Argylle world premiere at London’s ODEON Luxe Leicester Square on Wednesday. “This is big, broad, have fun, laugh, be silly. It was so much to shoot and it’s even more fun to watch.”

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“Especially playing the so-called villain of the piece, I enjoy being a villain,” he added. “It’s so much fun. It’s just so much fun to be able to determine the fate of someone else’s world and life. It’s like I thought I liked you, but I don’t, you’re gone! And when I say gone, I mean gone.”

It’s also fitting that Cranston gave Boy George’s lyrics in the new music video all of his electric energy, since the Culture Club singer recently gave Cranston all of his energy at a corporate gig.

While performing “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” at that recent event, he went into the crowd and sang directly in Cranston’s face.

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“We were literally nose-to-nose,” Boy George told PEOPLE, adding that Cranston was “very sweet” and made him “feel very comfortable.”

Argylle, which also stars Dua Lipa (who didn’t make an appearance in this music video), debuts in theaters on Feb. 2.

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