British TikToker reveals things in American HOA neighborhoods that ‘make no sense’: ‘I don’t understand’

Melissa Herrera (@melissaherrera.444), who is from the U.K., shared a popular series of TikToks detailing what she found odd about her American neighborhood, which happens to be in an HOA — with a few fun twists at the end as well.

A few of the top offenders she pointed out: every single house boasting a basketball hoop; rocking chairs that no one actually ever sits in; front door wreaths (“I don’t what the point is, it’s not Christmas,” Herrea commented perplexedly); yard signs everywhere; and giant vehicles.

“Like Army tanks just chilling there,” she said in the video, British accent on full display. “America is on a whole other planet compared to the uk,” she added in the caption.

Other oddities that Herrera pointed out as decidedly un-British included identical fenced-in back yards, American flags hanging from every porch and even “obligatory” stop signs on every street corner.

Herrera also found some of the differences in life in the U.S. to be refreshing. For instance, she complimented how “tidy” all the neighborhoods were without an ounce of trash to be seen, thanks to the copious number of trash cans and dog clean-up areas stationed everywhere.

In a part two of the video series, Herrera took on a more awestruck tone, pointing out things she loved about her neighborhood, including people driving around in “their little golf buggies” (aka golf carts), the full clubhouse and giant pool that the whole neighborhood can enjoy, as well as the dedication to aesthetics that warranted fake rocks being placed over electrical equipment and fines for leaving out your trash bins. (And yes, Herrera herself was hit with a fine for being an offender!)

Moving to the inside of American houses, Herrera also posted a video explaining some of the differences between U.K. and U.S. houses.

For instance, she pointed out that no U.K. house would ever have two living room areas, that wardrobe furniture is usually used instead of built-in closets for clothes, and that both the walk-in closets and actual bedroom spaces are huge compared to the U.K.

“The bed is so huge!” she exclaimed. “Look how big that bed is! That bed would not fit in any bedroom in England, like unless you lived in a mansion. Like it’s so big. I’m five foot four, and I struggled to get on it. We even have to have steps for the dogs to get in.”

Other indoor differences included outlets for plugs in the bathroom, garbage disposals, “mammoth freezers,” washers not located in the kitchen, garages that open directly into the house and the Keurig coffee machine.

“I never saw one of these until I came to America,” she said.

Despite Herrera’s good-natured critique of the American neighborhood she now finds herself living in, she ended her video by displaying her walking into her own house — where, yes, she has both a yard flag and a decorative front wreath.

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