British People Are Losing It Over This American Professor's Secret Ingredient For A Perfect Cup Of Tea

There's drama between the US and the UK.

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An American professor wrote a book about tea, and her "perfect recipe" has enraged British people.

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The professor suggested adding a pinch of salt to a cup of tea.

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Bryn Mawr professor Michelle Francl says, "Add a pinch of salt [to tea] — the sodium ion in salt blocks the chemical mechanism that makes tea taste bitter, especially when it has been stewed."

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Let's just say, people were angry.

"Who the fuck would put salt in tea?"

"leave it to the brits!" this angry British person wrote.

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"Why are yanks telling us how to make a brew," another befuddled Brit said.

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It got so bad that the US Embassy had to issue a statement:

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For those who can't read the small print, it says, "Today's media reports of an American Professor's recipe for the 'perfect' cup of tea has landed our special bond with the United Kingdom in hot water."

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"[W]e want to ensure the good people of the UK that the unthinkable notion of adding salt to Britain's national drink is not official United States policy. And never will be."

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"Let us unite in our steeped solidarity and show the world that when it comes to tea, we stand as one."

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Then they said something they probably shouldn't have said...

"The U.S. Embassy will continue to make tea in the proper way - by microwaving it."

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For those who don't know, British people are always completely BAFFLED that Americans microwave water.

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I guess there are some things we'll just never agree on.

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