Bride-to-be reaches 'new level of crazy' to prevent fiancé from cheating: 'Smart'

A bride-to-be said she “reached a new level of crazy” after asking her fiancé to sign a relationship contract.

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Users praised TikToker @salamiiqueen after she shared one of the terms of her marriage. Her fiancé signed a legal document outlining exactly what the consequences would be if he ever dared cheat. People felt like it was a sensible agreement to make.

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“I did not make — he did it of his own free will,” she explained. “My fiancé — we just got engaged — just signed a legal document, and we got it notarized that if he cheats on me, he has to pay my bills.”

She waved the official paperwork around from the passenger seat of her car. It was signed, sealed and delivered.

“We did it. We just got a legal document signed,” she said. “If he cheats on me, he’s screwed. I’m so smart. Or crazy. I don’t know.”

The video racked up 7 million views and 1.6 million likes on TikTok.

“This is by far the smartest thing I’ve ever heard,” a person commented.

“I wish getting married already came with this agreement,” another wrote.

“Thats not crazy… you’re holding him accountable for his actions,” someone added.

“If he isn’t willing to sign something like this, he already knows he will cheat. Smart girl,” a user replied.

“My attorney also advised this. It’s a real thing. Prenup can be whatever you make it,” a TikToker added.

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