Brent Musburger on Tony Romo's new job: 'Stay away from social media'

Tony Romo, the quarterback-turned-broadcaster who’s not going back to quarterbacking, is preparing for his new gig on CBS’s No. 1 announcing team, which is not unlike deciding to take up flying and getting strapped in behind the controls of a descending 747. He’ll have plenty of on-the-job learning to do, and a guy who’s been through it all recently offered a bit of advice.

Brent Musburger, the recently-retired broadcasting legend, gave Romo a few tips for how to handle the duties of a surprisingly difficult gig. “I wish him well,” Musburger said on Sports Illustrated’s Off the Board podcast. “I hope he’s ready for what’s gonna come. It is very, very difficult.”

Musburger noted that a bit of apprenticeship, which Romo isn’t getting, is often helpful in getting one’s feet set beneath them. “When you start at the top, you only have one way to go,” he said. “I like him, I like how he handled being replaced by Dak Prescott. I thought he was classy with his comments and everything. I wish him well, but I’m gonna warn him, it’s not gonna be easy.”

As for specific advice? “Probably the best thing that he can for a year is to stay away from social media,” Musburger said. (He probably could have added “be careful what you say on the air about attractive ladies in the crowd,” but maybe that’s implied.) Anyway, you know the old line about how when you pass the ball, three things can happen, and two of them are bad? Yeah, when you go on social media, three hundred things can happen, and 299 of them are bad.

Romo will face constant scrutiny on the high-wire act that is a marquee NFL broadcast, and yeah, a social media departure is probably a good idea. For him, and for us all.

Brent Musburger in his broadcasting days. (AP)
Brent Musburger in his broadcasting days. (AP)

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