Braves fan takes embarrassing tumble trying to race 'The Freeze'

The Atlanta Braves masked racer known as “The Freeze” claimed another victim Thursday. A Braves fan who appeared to be in his early 20s lost his dignity while falling in spectacular fashion in an attempt to beat “The Freeze” in a footrace. The fan’s name has been withheld out of respect for his loved ones.

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Witnesses at the scene say the incident went down in the sixth inning of Thursday’s game against the San Francisco Giants. The fan instigated the situation by attempting to beat “The Freeze.” While it initially looked as though he might accomplish the task, tragedy struck as he made the turn for right field.

Another Braves fan failed in spectacular fashion trying to beat “The Freeze.” ( Screenshot)
Another Braves fan failed in spectacular fashion trying to beat “The Freeze.” ( Screenshot)

The fan lost his balance as “The Freeze” approached. He tripped and took a hard fall to the ground. His body lay lifeless on the dirt of the warning track. Witnesses say “The Freeze” immediately fled the scene.

Authorities have released a slow motion video of the incident in hopes “The Freeze” will eventually be apprehended.

This is not the first time “The Freeze” has struck. In early June, another Braves fan met his demise in the exact same fashion. There are no theories on a possible motive at this time.

One thing they can confirm is that “The Freeze” is not remorseful for his actions. He openly bragged about his feats in a chilling Twitter post.

Braves fans are advised to be on high-alert, especially near Sun Trust Park. While “The Freeze” has been foiled at least once, fans have been warned to avoid him at all costs.

“The Freeze” has now struck two separate times. That’s enough to suggest a pattern. It’s only a matter of time before he puts someone in the dirt again.

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