This Bradley Beal flop is the best (or worst) and most dramatic of the playoffs

<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nba/players/5009/" data-ylk="slk:Bradley Beal">Bradley Beal</a>’s flop was epic.
Bradley Beal’s flop was epic.

Everything about the NBA is better in the postseason — the level of play, the intensity, the beefs … everything. And now we can add flopping to the list.

That’s thanks to Washington Wizards forward Bradley Beal, who … well, we’ll just let you watch for yourself:

I mean, this is really, really impressive. It’s a work of art. Ninety-nine percent of human beings could not contort their body like this even if they were undercut. But Beal? He doesn’t even need the contact. He flings himself into the air, like a fish out of water, like a seal, like a dolphin, like a whale, and buys an offensive foul on Al Horford.

Let’s go frame by frame:

Simply breathtaking. Awe-inspiring, even. Beal then had the courage to sit up, stick out his tongue and clap his hands after the refs whistled Horford for a foul. Here’s the full play:

So was it the best (or worst, depending on your point of view) flop of the playoffs? It has to be. Patty Mills delivered a contender Wednesday night against the Rockets:

But the athleticism and flare of Beal’s supplants Mills at the top of the list.

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