Braden Holtby scolds adult who robs child of souvenir catch

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Braden Holtby, unimpressed. (Getty)
Braden Holtby, unimpressed. (Getty)

If there’s one positive thing to take from a full-grown and completely oblivious adult robbing a child of the chance to receive a souvenir directly from the hands of one of their sporting idols, it’s the chance to shame said full-grown and completely oblivious adult.

Fortunately, sometimes we can have both.

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Before Wednesday’s Stanley Cup Final rematch between the Capitals and Golden Knights, a dimwit wearing a suit reached over to intercept a puck that Braden Holtby had floated over the glass toward the outstretched arms of a young fan.

And in the best way possible, Holtby proceeded to humiliate the suit by scolding him from ice level before retrieving a second puck to toss at the original target.

Look at him trying to play it off like it was intended for the folks below. Awful!

Of course, this is an inexcusable act in any setting, but making matters worse for buddy up there is that there was a similarly shameful moment in the same rink, what, just a handful of games ago!

Remember the dope who couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that Brett Connolly wanted to gift a young girl with a souvenir puck?

Clean it up, fellas. Clean. it. up.

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