Brad Marchand throws shade at Lars Eller after refusing to fight

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(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
(Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

The bad blood between Lars Eller and Brad Marchand is still very real, even if the latter wants nothing to do with it.

The beef began earlier this season, when the visiting Bruins were lit up by the Capitals in a 7-0 blowout on opening night. Eller scored midway through the third period to give Washington a seven-goal lead, rubbing salt in the wound with a rather unnecessary celebration.

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Marchand, it’s safe to say, was none too pleased.

Marchand jumped Eller after his celly, landing a few shots to the Capitals forward’s head before knocking him down to the ice. Marchand was not suspended or fined for his actions.

Three months later, the two met on the ice for the first time since their little dispute, and while many hockey fans had likely forgotten about the lopsided tussle, Eller certainly hadn’t.

The Denmark native hunted Marchand down early in Washington’s 4-2 loss to Boston on Thursday night, dropping the gloves and yanking at the diminutive Bruin’s sweater as Eller tried to even the score.

But Marchand just wasn’t in a dancing mood, and he didn’t shy away from explaining why.

A quick fact check shows that Eller is actually averaging just under 17 minutes per game, but hey, who’s counting, right Brad?

Marchand, as well all know, has a tendency to get mixed up in situations such as this, but he’s proven he’s more than willing to drop the mitts when he’s in the mood. For example, he had no problem knocking Eller around when his team was down 7-0 at the beginning of the season.

But three months later, he just wasn’t feeling it. Classic Marchand, you might say.

Eller, for what it’s worth, wasn’t impressed.

“Everyone saw what he is,” Eller said of Marchand after the skirmish. “There’s not a lot of integrity in his game.”

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