This Bra Hack Can Turn Any Scarf Into a Top

You can thank TikTok for your new summer go-to.

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When it comes to clothing hacks, the internet just keeps getting craftier and craftier. And by “internet,” we mean TikTok. One DIY fashion craze to go viral on the app details how to turn a scarf into a bikini-style top, and the look is perfect for summer. Although you might be familiar with scarf tops (the trend blew up in the '90s with celebs like Beyoncé donning the accessory in lieu of a shirt), the TikTok account @AmericanThreads presents a new way to get the look in 2023.

Similar to how you can transform almost any shirt into a crop top with the help of a sports bra, the now-viral tutorial demonstrates how to utilize a regular bra to transform your scarf into a bandeau-esque top.  The instructor uses a strapless bra in the video, but we think it’s safe to assume the illustrated method would also work on a T-shirt bra or balconette if you wanted to create a scarf top with straps. Either way, the end result is a fashion-forward going-out top that looks great, feels secure on, and won’t break the bank. Watch the TikTok below, and read on for a full how-to.

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How to DIY a Scarf Top

What you’ll need:

  • A strapless bra

  • A large scarf

Step 1: Placement

Lay your scarf on a flat surface (floor or table, it doesn’t matter), vertically, in front of you. Place your bra horizontally at its center.

Step 2: Knot It

Lifting both sides of the scarf, knot the material over the center of your bra.

Step 3: Create A Bow

Fan out the sides of the scarf so that they cover each bra cup. The finished product should look like a large gift wrap bow.

Step 4: Put On The Bra

This last step might be the trickiest. If you’re wearing a strapless bra with only a band, you can slip on the bra and tuck the ends of the scarf into the back. If you’re wearing a bra with clasps, you’ll have to hook it first before finagling the loose ends of the scarf to conceal any material in the back that you don’t want to show. Then, you're all set!

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