‘Boy Kills World’ Trailer Promises Bloody Carnage With Bill Skarsgard | Video

“Boy Kills World” rampages into theaters this April and we’ve got the very wild first trailer.

The plot for “Boy Kills World” is pretty standard – a deaf-mute boy’s family is killed and he retreats to the jungle where he’s trained by a mysterious, stereotype-skirting mentor to go back and seek revenge on the people who murdered his family. (The boy grows up to be a very chiseled Bill Skarsgård.) Also, there’s some kind of “Hunger Games”-ish television show called The Culling involved, which broadcasts murders live. You know. That old story.

The trailer looks like an over-the-top, action-filled bloodbath which is precisely what you want from this kind of thing. And while it appears that the trailer gives away much of the movie, we’re certain there’s more that couldn’t be shown (or even hinted at) in this all-ages trailer.

“Boy Kills World” was produced by genre legend Sam Raimi and “Barbarian” producer Roy Lee, and features a cast made up of genre favorites like Jessica Rothe, Yayan Ruhian, Andrew Koji, Famke Janssen, Brett Gelman, Sharlto Copley and Michelle Dockery. H. Jon Benjamin serves as Boy’s inner voice (borrowed from a video game Boy loved). It was directed by Moritz Mohr from a script by Arend Remmers and Tyler Burton Smith, with Mohr coming up with the story with Arend Remmers.

The movie had its world premiere at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, where the official synopsis warned potential viewers to “steel yourself for the gnarly deployment of a cheese grater across multiple faces and appendages.” (Always good to hear.) At the festival it was warmly received with Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions picking it up in early 2024.

“Boy Kills World” will be released theatrically on April 26.

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