‘Botched’ Patient Too Eccentric for Surgery

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Phoebe Price — yes, the Phoebe Price — visited the doctors of Botched after reading some mean comments concerning a picture of her online. Price was worried that one of her nostrils might be bigger than the other after reading the comment, “What? Does this girl, like, pick her nose or something?”

Price said that she is followed by at least three paparazzi “24/7.” She wants to look good for the photos so she visited the doctors to inquire about a nose job.

She also hopes the nose will advance her acting career, saying, “I have probably spent a half a million on acting coaches and acting lessons … but my nose is holding me back.”

But when Price met with the doctors for a consultation exam, she became overwhelmed. Apparently she has a strong aversion to pain because a simple touch from a Q-tip had her shrieking. This drew some concern from the doctors. Dr. Dubrow said, “Not everyone who comes in for a consult should have plastic surgery, and you’re clearly that type of patient.”

All parties agreed that Price was not a good candidate, and she seemed pretty relieved. “I’m very thankful that I found the right doctors that aren’t just gonna perform a surgery on me, take my money, and push me out the door,” she said.

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