‘Booty Patrol’ truck draws warning from deputies — but Florida community isn’t as worried

A truck driving around Florida painted similar to a Border Patrol vehicle has drawn attention from the community and law enforcement but it’s not a Border Patrol vehicle.

It’s a “Booty Patrol” truck. And the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office was looking for it.

The office put out an announcement about the white Chevrolet Silverado truck, which has similar green decals to a Border Patrol truck. Deputies advised people about the truck “equipped with red and blue lights that has been impersonating law enforcement” and told people not to pull over for it.

The owner of the truck, who posts about it frequently online, said he hasn’t done anything wrong.

“I only have my lights at shows and (on) private property and I have never pulled over anyone over,” Gabriel Luviano told McClatchy News in text messages.

Others defended him, saying they had seen the truck around and knew it was a show truck.

A decal on the driver and passenger’s doors says “National Booty Behavior Protection” next to an insignia.

“Anyone looking at this truck would laugh and know it is NOT law enforcement,” one person wrote on Facebook in response to the warning.

Deputies shared an update saying they had pulled over the driver in a traffic stop Oct. 29 and issued a citation related to “certain lights prohibited,” according to the release.

“Our initial post aimed to raise awareness about this incident, ensuring that the public can avoid being duped by such individuals,” deputies wrote.

Luviano told McClatchy News he received a $113 fine for the lights.

“I just wanted to have some fun never impersonate though,” he said. “Just have a good laugh about it.”

Many questioned the use of time and resources to track down the vehicle.

“It’s a little sad to see this happening to the car community,” one person wrote on Facebook. “This is just merely a show truck. Always has been. Never seen him have his blue lights on and seen him all over DeSoto, Manatee and Sarasota county.”

Luviano has shown off his truck in photos and videos on social media. In some videos, the truck has red and blue lights on the inside and underside, although the vehicle appears stationary in the videos.

Florida law prohibits any non-police vehicles from displaying blue lights.

“I’ve also seen this truck several times at events, it’s purely for entertainment and laughs,” another person wrote on Facebook. “L post for DeSoto County.”

Luviano said despite the backlash he’s gotten, he’s going to keep his truck as is.

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