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Amid an abundance of streaming content and fierce competition, the role of established TV franchises in driving subscriber growth, retention and profitability is indispensable. Paramount+ seems to have astutely harnessed the power of its beloved franchises, including Star Trek and the Taylor Sheridan Universe, to distinguish itself from competitors. As of 2022, these two franchises accounted for nearly half of the total demand for Paramount+ original content.

The Star Trek franchise, arguably Paramount+’s flagship property, alone accounted for approximately a third of the demand for the streamer’s original content. The exclusive streaming rights to a culturally significant franchise like Star Trek, encompassing both the original series and other network-released titles, gives Paramount+ a potent competitive advantage. By continuously investing in new Star Trek titles, Paramount+ not only satisfies its subscriber base but also broadens the franchise’s universe, attracting newer generations of fans.

Paramount+ demand by franchise, 2022, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)
Paramount+ demand by franchise, 2022, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)
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Likewise, the Taylor Sheridan Universe, or Sheridan-verse, has evolved into another crucial element of Paramount+’s content strategy. Despite its relatively small number of shows, the Sheridan-verse, which on Paramount+ includes “Yellowstone” spin-offs “1883” and “1923” as well as shows like “Tulsa King” and “The Mayor of Kingstown”, was responsible for 11.5% of the demand for Paramount+ originals in 2022. This figure could have been even higher had “Yellowstone” not been licensed to Peacock in a deal that predated the launch of Paramount+.

Top streaming franchises, 2021-2023, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)
Top streaming franchises, 2021-2023, U.S. (Parrot Analytics)

Both Paramount+ franchises perform admirably when juxtaposed with other leading TV franchises. Demand for the Taylor Sheridan Universe spiked in the last quarter of 2022, following the release of a new season of “Yellowstone,” which triggered a surge in demand for its spin-offs as well as new shows like “Tulsa King.” After peaking at the start of 2023 as the most in-demand TV franchise, demand for the Sheridan-verse has fallen, matching the still-high demand level of the Star Trek franchise. Star Trek has been steadily growing in demand since June 2021 and has secured its spot as the second most sought-after TV franchise, trailing only Star Wars.

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