The BoatCar is part Ford, part Sea Ray, 100% awesome, and for sale

Ronan Glon

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There are thousands of used boats listed on eBay, but only one of them features power steering and a new set of tires. Meet the BoatCar, an unusual creation that exists at the intersection of vans and cabin cruisers.

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The process of dropping a 24-foot Sea Ray boat hull onto a ladder frame sourced from a 1995 Ford E-350 passenger van took six months, according to the seller. We believe it; the vessel wasn't built with wheel arches. It's somewhat surprisingly fully street-legal, it's powered by the E-350's stock V8, and that's good news because it's only able to travel on firm ground. It unfortunately gave up its seaworthiness during the conversion process.

It also lost its four-person cabin, but it gained four seats, marine-grade carpeting and vinyl, red paint, and the donor Ford's dashboard, though there's now a bell and a compass attached to it. The intrepid builder added a loud ship horn, meaning you'll be able to make your way through dense traffic with relative ease. We're not sure what effect the new body has on handling, but we hope you're really, really good at parallel parking. The E-350 is already a bit of a barge, and the Sea Ray body certainly doesn't help maneuverability.

While the E-350's original plastic hubcaps hint at the Ford underpinnings, there are no Blue Oval logos anywhere on the hull for guaranteed stealth. It's still titled as an E-350, though, and its odometer reads 158,000 miles.

Located in Roswell, Georgia, the BoatCar is listed at $55,000 on eBay, meaning it's more expensive than buying a 1995 E-350 and a used, sea-worthy 24-foot boat separately. The seller noted he's open to offers.

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