Blue Ivy’s Latest Dance Recital Moves Show She Got It From Her Mama

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(GIF: TMZ via YouTube)
(GIF: TMZ via YouTube)

It’s dance recital time across the land and while Beyoncé and Jay Z aren’t exactly just like every other proud parent in your Facebook feed, this past weekend they were simply proud parents of a 5 year old as daughter Blue Ivy Carter twirled and generally looked cute as all get-out onstage. Surprising to no one were the facts that a) she stood out in the crowd and b) she enthusiastically had the choreography down.

Blue was the only one in the frame onstage whose hair was not pulled back either in a bun or in a ponytail. Instead, she sported long braids that bounced around as she hit her poses and twirled about in her tutu and tights.

Watching how comfortable she is onstage, it’s not hard to believe that Blue has probably already absorbed more dance training than some trained dancers more than twice her age. You have to remember that besides getting to play dress-up in couture with her famous mom all the time,  Blue has been at rehearsals and world-class performances all her life. The photo below shows her standing on field before her mom’s epic Super Bowl halftime performance of “Formation,” which came with Beyoncé’s usual off-the-chain choreography. So this kid knows a thing or two about stage presence.

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And she’s getting more and more comfortable on stage. Last year’s recital showed a too-sweet-for-words Blue hopping about with her adorable troupe in bright pink  and sparkly tutus, simply having a blast.

You don’t have to be part of the Beyhive to see the latest dance recital and wonder what else the future holds for this tiny dancer.

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