These Blazers fans might actually not know how to play tic-tac-toe (Video)

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I’m sure these Portland Trail Blazers fans are wonderful people, but I’m not sure anyone has played a worse game of tic-tac-toe, including children and pets. That’s OK. I’m actually impressed by the effort.

It’s a good thing they played in front of thousands of people at Moda Center during a break in action from a Blazers-Hornets game that Portland won in overtime, and it was broadcast for the world to see:

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Morgan and Grace went toe-to-toe for tic-tac-toe inferiority. Morgan started just fine, placing her first “O” in the middle square. Grace answered with an “X” in the corner. All good. And Morgan smartly blocked one of Grace’s paths to victory, forcing the action early. And then all hell broke loose.

“Oh, Grace,” the announcer said twice, as she left the door wide open for Morgan.

“Pay attention, Grace,” the announcer said, as she slapped an X over Morgan’s O.

“You’ve got to pay attention,” the announcer said, as she left the door open for Morgan again.

“Oh, no,” the announcer said, as Morgan missed an obvious chance to win.

“Find an open spot,” the announcer said three times, as Grace doubles up on another O.

And then Morgan put us out of our misery. It is pretty amazing that the Blazers managed to find two people who have maybe never played tic-tac-toe before. I’m just glad they found each other.

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