Bills corner drops $932 on Uber ride from Chicago to Buffalo

We now have our second unusual travel story of the week involving an NFL player trying to get to his team on time.

On Tuesday, we learned of the oh-so-Green Bay Packer-ish story of two brothers (adorable!) giving cornerback Davon House a ride from Minneapolis after he missed a flight connection.

New Bills corner <a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/nfl/players/24876/" data-ylk="slk:Shareece Wright">Shareece Wright</a> dropped a fortune on an Uber ride from Chicago to Buffalo to make practice. (AP)
New Bills corner Shareece Wright dropped a fortune on an Uber ride from Chicago to Buffalo to make practice. (AP)

Now on Wednesday comes the story of another NFL corner needing a ride … but one that’s a little more bizarre. This one from Chicago to Buffalo — which is nearly double the distance of the Minny-to-GB trip. And there’s this: new Buffalo Bills corner Shareece Wright chose to take an Uber that distance. All to make practice in time.

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Check this out from Wright’s agent:

That’s commitment! Or, in other words, that’s not too economically smart. Maybe there were not a ton of Bills fans in Chicago just sitting around hoping to drive a needy player to western New York (more than a thousand miles round trip), but we’re not certain.

Wright showed his receipt for proof.

Throw in a $300 tip and you get to $932 and change. Practice? We’re talking about practice?! That’s 0.12 percent of Wright’s paycheck this season!

And this is no rookie mistake, either; the guy turns 31 in November and is entering his seventh NFL season. Teams have deals with Uber for sober driving and that sort of thing, but it’s doubtful this one is getting expensed to the Pegulas.

Wright explained to why he wasn’t able to get to town in a more, um, cost-effective method. Like House, Wright missed his connecting flight and quickly realized he could not make team meetings in time based on the flight schedule. Driving a rental wasn’t an option, he thought, because of the lack of sleep it would cause.

So Uber it was. And to Wright’s surprise, there was a willing driver ready to make the eight-hour trek. Turns out, the driver had quite the story, too.

“He actually was a refugee,” Wright said. “He was out in Chicago with no family. He had a handful of friends and is trying to be an astronaut. He didn’t know any English when he came. He’s been inspired by his dad [who was a pilot] so he’s just going to school and trying to be an astronaut – he’s paying for it by himself … He had a great story to tell.”

This story gets better by the minute. The best part for Wright is that he arrived at the facility just in time. With a few minutes to spare. And a story to tell, which is priceless.

“Meetings were at 7 and I made it to the facility at 6:57 or 6:58,” Wright said. “So I was in a rush to make it inside. I gave him a $300 tip and he was really appreciative. I just told him ‘Thank you man, I really appreciate it.’”

One great story begets another. And all’s well that ends well.

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