Bill Cowher joined the Bills Mafia by jumping through a table

Kevin Kaduk
Shutdown Corner
(CBS screenshot)
(CBS screenshot)

While NFL pregame shows haven’t been must-see television for awhile, the high-flying, table-breaking fans of the Buffalo Bills have earned a reputation for putting on the best pregame show around.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

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After picking the Bills to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, Bill Cowher jumped through a table to the delight of his co-workers and the Twittersphere.

No, Cowher didn’t jump from the top of an RV, nor was the table on fire. And we’re guessing the props department made sure the table would break with the slightest contact.

Yet given all the ways that stunt could have gone wrong, you have to give him credit.

That was some pretty good television and the second-best table busting of the day.


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