Big Ten Network suspends Braylon Edwards for critical tweets about Michigan football program

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Braylon Edwards caught 252 passes at Michigan before playing in the NFL for 10 seasons. (Getty Images)
Braylon Edwards caught 252 passes at Michigan before playing in the NFL for 10 seasons. (Getty Images)

Former Michigan star Braylon Edwards was not pleased with the way the Wolverines played against Notre Dame on Saturday night, and he voiced his displeasure on social media.

Edwards, now an analyst for Big Ten Network, posted several tweets criticizing the Michigan players and coaches during the 24-17 loss to the Irish. Those tweets were subsequently deleted, but it landed him in hot water with BTN. The network announced Monday that Edwards has been indefinitely suspended.

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“Effective as of Sunday, Sept. 2, Braylon Edwards has been suspended indefinitely from his role at Big Ten Network due to a violation of the network’s social media guidelines,” a BTN statement said.

Edwards: Michigan football is ‘trash’

Edwards, who starred as a receiver for the Wolverines from 2001 to 2004 before being selected in the first round of the NFL draft, sent out multiple tweets during the game, but there was one that drew more attention than the others. In it, Edwards criticized the offense, calling out lineman Cesar Ruiz and quarterback Shea Patterson by name.

“Ruiz is weak, line is weak, Shea is scared, f—ing Michigan offense is so predictable…. Michigan football is sadly one thing… Trash,” the tweet said.

One other tweet seemed to be a shot at coach Jim Harbaugh.

“Everybody had your back. I gotta laugh because I knew this would happen. Don’t feel bad, watch the truth,” it read.

Those tweets, and others, were deleted, but Edwards, whose brother and father also played for the Wolverines, did leave one tweet on his page.

And after his suspension was made public, he offered this:

Edwards later apologized for calling out Ruiz and Patterson by name, but did not back down from criticizing the program.

Jim Harbaugh’s response

At his Monday news conference, Harbaugh was asked to address Edwards’ tweets.

“First of all it’s not true. It’s not factual. There’s nobody in our program who thinks those things about any player on our team, let alone the two players he described,” Harbaugh said. “On another level, it’s disappointing that a member of the Big Ten Network would choose to attack the character of two of our players. That’s disappointing.”

Harbaugh added: “If someone wants to attack the character of anybody on the ball club, come after me.”

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