Big Ten announces football schedule adjustments for 2021 after COVID-19-affected 2020 season

Nick Bromberg
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The Big Ten announced some minor adjustments to its 2021 conference schedule on Friday.

The conference’s 2021 schedule was set before the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the 2020 season. The Big Ten postponed the start of its 2020 season because of the pandemic and teams played eight non-conference games instead of the usual nine. That abbreviated schedule caused the conference to adjust the 2021 schedule, though there aren’t any significant changes to the 12-game schedules for each team.

Six Big Ten games were played at the same home stadium in both 2019 and 2020. Those six games are now at the visiting team’s stadium in 2021. Indiana’s games against Michigan and Michigan State, Michigan State’s game with Michigan, Nebraska’s games against Purdue and Wisconsin and Purdue’s game against Wisconsin are the six 2020 games that didn’t change locations from 2019.

Nine games were canceled due to COVID-19 in 2020. Those games have no bearing on the 2021 schedule. For example, Michigan and Ohio State didn’t play in 2020. That game was supposed to be in Columbus. The home-and-home rotation does not change and Ohio State travels to Michigan in 2021 as scheduled.

The conference also will play most of its rivalry games on the last week of the season. That includes Ohio State-Michigan, Michigan State-Penn State, Indiana-Purdue and Wisconsin-Minnesota.

Here’s the full Big Ten schedule:

Week 0 (Aug. 28)

Nebraska vs. Illinois (Dublin)

Week 1

Illinois vs. UTSA

Indiana at Iowa

Ohio State at Minnesota

Michigan State at Northwestern

Oregon State at Purdue

Penn State at Wisconsin

West Virginia at Maryland

Western Michigan at Michigan

Temple at Rutgers

Week 2

Illinois at Virginia

Iowa at Iowa State

Maryland at Minnesota

Buffalo at Nebraska

Indiana State at Northwestern

Purdue at UConn

Eastern Michigan at Wisconsin

Idaho at Indiana

Howard at Maryland

Washington at Michigan

Youngstown State at Michigan State

Oregon at Ohio State

Ball State at Penn State

Rutgers at Syracuse

Week 3

Maryland at Illinois

Kent State at Iowa

Minnesota at Colorado

Nebraska at Oklahoma

Northwestern at Duke

Purdue at Notre Dame

Cincinnati at Indiana

Northern Illinois at Michigan

Michigan State at Miami

Tulsa at Ohio State

Auburn at Penn State

Delaware at Rutgers

Week 4

Illinois at Purdue

Colorado State at Iowa

Bowling Green at Minnesota

Nebraska at Michigan State

Ohio at Northwestern

Notre Dame at Wisconsin

Indiana at Western Kentucky

Kent State at Maryland

Rutgers at Michigan

Akron at Ohio State

Villanova at Penn State

Week 5

Charlotte at Illinois

Iowa at Maryland

Minnesota at Purdue

Northwestern at Nebraska

Michigan at Wisconsin

Indiana at Penn State

Western Kentucky at Michigan State

Ohio State at Rutgers

Week 6

Wisconsin at Illinois

Penn State at Iowa

Michigan at Nebraska

Maryland at Ohio State

Michigan State at Rutgers

Week 7

Purdue at Iowa

Nebraska at Minnesota

Rutgers at Northwestern

Army at Wisconsin

Michigan State at Indiana

Week 8

Illinois at Penn State

Maryland at Minnesota

Northwestern at Michigan

Purdue at Wisconsin

Ohio State at Indiana

Week 9

Rutgers at Illinois

Iowa at Wisconsin

Minnesota at Northwestern

Purdue at Nebraska

Indiana at Maryland

Michigan at Michigan State

Penn State at Ohio State

Week 10

Illinois at Minnesota

Iowa at Northwestern

Ohio State at Nebraska

Michigan State at Purdue

Wisconsin at Rutgers

Indiana at Michigan

Penn State at Maryland

Week 11

Minnesota at Iowa

Southeastern Louisiana at Nebraska

Northwestern at Wisconsin

Purdue at Ohio State

Rutgers at Indiana

Maryland at Michigan State

Michigan at Penn State

Week 12

Illinois at Iowa

Minnesota at Indiana

Nebraska at Wisconsin

Purdue at Northwestern

Michigan at Maryland

Michigan State at Ohio State

Rutgers at Penn State

Week 13

Illinois vs. Northwestern (Chicago)

Iowa at Nebraska

Wisconsin at Minnesota

Indiana at Purdue

Maryland at Rutgers

Ohio State at Michigan

Penn State at Michigan State

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - DECEMBER 19: A detail view of the Big Ten Championship logo is seen on a field yard marker in action during the Big Ten Championship game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Northwestern Wildcats on December 19, 2020 at Lucas Oil stadium, in Indianapolis, IN. (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
The Big Ten schedule has been adjusted slightly. (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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