Biden trails Haley by 10 points in 2024 match-up: Poll

President Biden trails Nikki Haley by 10 points nationally among registered voters, according to a poll released Thursday.

The Marquette Law School poll found Haley with 55 percent to Biden’s 45 percent in a hypothetical match-up, a notably more significant margin than in a match-up between Biden and former President Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The poll found Trump leading Biden by 4 points, 52 percent to 48 percent, and DeSantis leading by 2 points, 51 percent to 49 percent, both within the margin of error.

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Among likely voters, Haley, the former United Nations ambassador and former South Carolina governor, leads Biden in the poll by 12 points. Trump and DeSantis both lead among this group by 2 points.

Pollsters found that among registered voters, Haley would have support from 96 percent of Republicans, while Biden would only have 85 percent of Democrats. Independents were almost evenly split between the two, but 15 percent of registered Democrats said they would support Haley over Biden.

Haley was the only one of herself, Biden, Trump and DeSantis to have a higher number of respondents view her favorably than unfavorably, with 38 percent having a favorable view of her and 31 percent having an unfavorable view.

But more than 30 percent said they have not heard enough about her to have an opinion.

Biden was viewed favorably by 40 percent and unfavorably by 59 percent.

Haley has been gaining momentum for months with several strong debate performances as she has risen in the polls. She has been competing with DeSantis for second place nationwide and in a few key early-voting states.

She placed second in a New Hampshire poll released Thursday with 18 percent, behind Trump’s 46 percent.

But she and DeSantis both still remain much behind Trump in the polls.

The Marquette poll found Trump in the lead for the Republican nomination with 54 percent, while Haley and DeSantis had 12 percent each. But that is an increase for Haley from September, when she was at 6 percent.

The poll was conducted Nov. 2-7 among 856 registered voters and 668 likely voters. The margin of error for registered voters was 4.5 points, and the margin of error for likely voters was 5 points.

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