BF Goodrich introduces off-road-specific windshield wipers

Zac Palmer
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When off-roading in most places (except for the desert, probably) you’re going to need your windshield wipers. Crashing through water or pits of mud is going to leave your windshield covered with the outdoors. It’s all a little more than what your wipers put up with on a daily basis with rain, salt and snow, and that’s why BF Goodrich just announced a windshield wiper designed specifically for off-road driving.

It’s called the BF Goodrich Off-Road wiper blade, an apt name for a very specific product. BF Goodrich says it’s available for a number of trucks and SUVs, especially the ones designed with off-roading in mind.

BF Goodrich says its off-road wiper is better than normal wipers in a number of ways. For one, they’re meant to be far more durable than regular wipers. You’ll see its outer rubber shell is inspired by the tire tread of the company’s All-Terrain T/A K02 tire. It’s more resistant to the kind of things you might throw at it off-road than a typical wiper. The blades are also imbued with what BF Goodrich calls “Scrub-X Extreme Weather Performance” technology, and it sounds like the secret sauce (or marketing) that makes these work better than normal wipers. BF Goodrich says it helps repel mud, bugs, rain, snow and ice from the blade cover more efficiently than it would otherwise.

Take the BF Goodrich name on these wiper blades with a grain of salt. The site where you buy them describes the wipers as “By Pylon, an official licensee for BF Goodrich tires.” In case you hadn’t heard of Pylon, they’re a company that has developed and engineered wiper blades since 1968. The tire tread pattern on the outside of the wiper is quite obviously from BF Goodrich. However, we suspect this was a partnership project, not a BF Goodrich exclusive from the ground up.

If you want a set, it won’t be cheap. They're $79.99 for a pair. Even far more normal wipers aren’t cheap these days, but this set is right up there as being some of the most expensive available. We’d need to test the wipers versus a normal set to see if the premium is worth it or not. Until a test proves otherwise, though, the wild tire tread pattern on the outside is still a perfectly valid reason to pick some up if you want the vanity of it.

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