These Are the Best Store-Bought Pie Crusts, According to Our Food Director

I've tried a lot of store-bought pie crusts, and these two are the easiest to use and the best-tasting.

<p>Greg Dupree</p>

Greg Dupree

I love buttery, flaky homemade pie crusts; who doesn't? But things can get stressful for cooks and bakers, especially around Thanksgiving. If you don't want to fiddle with rolling out dough then I enthusiastically endorse store-bought pie crust as a canvas for your favorite pie recipes. To help you pick the best option, we tested a bunch of nationally available crusts. Two favorites came out on top.



Ready to Fill

Wholly Wholesome’s Organic Traditional 9" Pie Shells (from $6.30 for 2) are convenient, vegan, and almost cookie-like—the texture is more sandy than flaky. Since they're already in a pie dish, this is the easiest option by far. There's no rolling or crimping required. Just fill and bake! Also: That pretty crimping totally holds up in the oven. Find them in the freezer section at Whole Foods Market and other natural-food stores.



Ready to Unroll

If you want to crimp the edges yourself or bake directly in your own pie plate, go with the frozen Trader Joe’s Pie Crusts ($4.50 for 2). These buttery, tender crusts look and taste close to homemade. Roll one out and use it to line your favorite pie plate. The second crust can be cut into strips for a lattice. Or, make a galette and bake the crust directly on a baking sheet. Pro tip: Make sure these pie crusts are at room temperature before unrolling them. If yours still break apart, just smoosh the dough together with your hands or a rolling pin. You'll never know the difference after it bakes.

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