The best of Leslie Jones's Olympics commentary, so far

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Leslie Jones during the opening monologue of <em>Saturday Night Live</em> on Feb. 3. (Photo: Will Heath/NBC)
Leslie Jones during the opening monologue of Saturday Night Live on Feb. 3. (Photo: Will Heath/NBC)

Yes, we’re all eagerly awaiting Leslie Jones’s arrival in PyeongChang to cover the Winter Olympics in person (it’s coming). But in the meantime, we’re also all still happy to have her in the States, where she can give us her unfiltered, NSFW commentary on all the action on Twitter, from in front of her TV. Now that we’re a few days into the 2018 Games, let’s take a look at her greatest hits so far.

We begin with her extreme frustration over not understanding the rules of curling or why it’s an Olympic sport.

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She’s also confused by biathlon, or, as she calls it, the “decathlon of death”…

And the short track relay…

And luge.

Though she does love America’s silver medalist Chris Mazdzer…

Even if she thought he needed to focus more.

What Jones does understand is how brutal skiathlon must be.

She has quickly become an expert on figure skating fashion. Her description of this ensemble is particularly inspired.

She approved of several of Team Canada’s looks…

And of how this wardrobe malfunction was handled.

But do not get her started on this Russian pair daring to have a costume change…

Or this Russian, in general.

She’s obsessed with America’s “Shib Sibs.” Here’s what it would have been like had Jones and her brother been ice dancing partners.

She’s also a big fan of commentators Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski.

She admires 45-year-old ski jumper Noriaki Kasai from Japan.

And she’s found a new appreciation for short track’s “gangster lean.”

We‘re hoping she gets to sit down with Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris when she finally makes it to South Korea…


— Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg) February 11, 2018

And maybe she’ll have time to get to the bottom of American Kyle Mack’s style too.

Check for the TV and live stream schedule.

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