The best Google Pixel 8 Pro screen protectors in 2024

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A collection of different screen protectors for the Google Pixel 8 Pro on a dark blue graphic background.
Shield your Google Pixel 8 Pro from accidental damage with a quality screen protector.Amazon; Business Insider

The best Google Pixel 8 Pro screen protectors are easy to apply and resistant to scratching and cracking.

One of Google's two latest flagship phones, the Google Pixel 8 Pro comes with seven years of software and security updates. To capitalize on the phone's prospective longevity, you should equip the Pixel 8 Pro with a durable screen protector.

Our top pick among the best Google Pixel 8 Pro screen protectors is the Zagg Glass Elite screen protector, which offers unrivaled protection. Our preferred budget option is the JETech screen protector, which includes camera lens protectors along with two screen protectors.


Does the Google Pixel 8 Pro need a screen protector?

As with any of the best Android phones or best Google Pixel phones, it is advisable to put a screen protector on the Google Pixel 8 Pro to help protect against accidental screen damage.

For the best possible protection, you should also equip the phone with a reliable case. Check out our guide to the best Google Pixel 8 Pro cases.

Will a Pixel 7 Pro screen protector fit a Pixel 8 Pro?

A screen protector meant for a Pixel 7 Pro will not properly fit on a Pixel 8 Pro due to the phones' slightly different dimensions.

Though the phones have the same depth, the Pixel 7 Pro has a height of 6.41 inches and a width of 3.02 inches, while the Pixel 8 Pro has a height of 6.40 inches and a width of 3.01 inches.

What should I look for in a Pixel 8 Pro screen protector?

When choosing a screen protector for your Google Pixel 8 Pro, there are a few factors worth considering in addition to your budgetary preferences.

You want to ensure the protector is transparently clear, highly responsive to touch, and dependably scratch- and chip-resistant. The screen protector should also include an installation kit or tool for a seamless application process.

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