The Best Fall Makeup Looks of 2023

Like it or not, it’s pumpkin-spice season—and not just at Starbucks. According to makeup artists, this year’s top fall makeup looks are also embracing moody autumnal aesthetics like pumpkin and cinnamon spice…with a hint of goth grunge à la The Craft.

“This fall it’s all about warm, inviting looks reminiscent of a pumpkin-spice latte,” Mat Wulff, professional makeup artist and Ulta Beauty Pro team member, tells Glamour. But that's not all that's predicted to trend this season: “Nineties makeup trends are experiencing a significant resurgence,” Wulff continues. “Brown tones complement a wide range of skin tones and offer a simple method to enhance your daily makeup.”

Does that mean the latte makeup look is no longer? Definitely not. Instead, it's evolving into what celebrity makeup artist J Guerra refers to as “golden hour” glam. “September is truly the ‘golden hour’ of summer, so I think we’ll still see some of those elements and shades as we sunset into fall,” he says, also pointing to goth glam as a the opposing trend to watch this season.

Goth grunge makeup this fall is a mix of the classic ’90s look infused with modern techniques, placements, products, and finishes,” Guerra says. “As always, the key to goth glam is less about strict adherence to the makeup trend rules and more about the attitude of the style, embracing its edginess.”

Whether you're gleefully sipping your PSL or refuse to engage with Halloween till October, keep scrolling for the top trending fall makeup looks for 2023.

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