Best big brother ever: Toddler captured baby wearing and snuggling his newborn sister

Toddler brother baby-wears newborn sister

My 5-year-old, only child asked for a sibling recently, but when I told him they’d be a baby first, he responded, “Gross. No way. Can you buy an older one?” Since that’s typically not how that works, thankfully for some kids, they’re just born to be great big brothers and sisters. The nurturing gene comes naturally. This sweet 3-year-old boy from Tennessee is definitely the best big brother ever, and an adorable video of him snuggling and babywearing his baby sister is going viral.

Carter was caught on camera in his Lightning McQueen jammies gently doing the “mom sway” with his 2-month-old baby sister, and I think my ovaries just exploded. And I’m not alone with my exploding ovaries. This video struck a chord with many, as it has now received more than 2 million “likes” on Instagram. Carter sweetly holds his sister Dione’s head as he cradles her and nuzzles that sweet baby head. He gently kisses her and it’s just too much. His face is so peaceful and you can see the love he has for his baby sister.

“You can see how well loved and cared for he is in the way he is so gentle and loving with his sister. Children learn what they live. So beautiful,” one person said in the comments. “He is so in love with her. He is her gift and she is his! This is very moving! I hope you post more,” said another.

In an interview with Good Morning America, mom Autumn Altamirano-Bailey said her “heart is so happy.”

“I’m an only child so seeing this moment and other moments with Carter and his siblings is truly the best,” she said.

Altamirano-Bailey said in the interview that she uses the newborn carrier often, so Carter’s seen her in action with baby wearing. “He actually asked and said he wanted to try to hold the baby,” she said. “I baby-wore with Miles, my other son, [as a newborn] as well. He wanted to baby-wear Miles, and we tried, but Miles was too big and Carter was too small.”

I’d love to see how their relationship grows over time, because you know they will be inseparable and he will be the best big brother ever. “If you ever find yourself questioning whether or not to give your child siblings, just do it. You absolutely won’t regret it,” Altamirano-Bailey said in the Instagram caption.

“In my experience and opinion, seeing these moments between my kids makes everything worth it,” she said. “Seeing my boys care for their sister makes my heart explode, and again makes all the hard moments worth it,” she told Good Morning America.