Which of these 45 bars is best in Fort Worth? Vote your favorites to win Readers’ Choice

What’s the best bar in around Fort Worth? We’re on our way to find out!

Welcome to Round 1 of our Star-Telegram Readers’ Choice ballot. We’re starting with 45 bars nominated by you, our readers, who swear that each is the best. This ballot is based on numbers of nominations and the comments that accompanied them. Luckily, it’s not up to us to pick the winner — you get to decide.

Use the ballot below to vote for your favorite bars (shown in alphabetical order). Those that receive the most votes by Tuesday, Sept. 5, will advance to our Round 2 ballot. We’ll keep narrowing down the list until we name the 2023 Readers’ Choice winner. You can vote as often as you want, just refresh this page. Cheers!

Questions? Shoot an email to Cheers!