Beginner Investors: A Top Growthy Stock to Start a Market-Beating TFSA Fund!

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Written by Joey Frenette at The Motley Fool Canada

Beginner investors shouldn’t put off getting started investing any longer, even in the face of such immense volatility. Indeed, timing markets can be to the detriment of your long-term portfolio’s performance. As the S&P 500 picks up traction again, investors may wish to play the long game and give the many beaten-down value plays a closer look.

When it comes to your TFSA (Tax-Free Savings Account), you should seek the types of investments you’ll be willing to hold for many years at a time. And if you’re a younger investor, like a millennial or member of the Gen Z cohort, it may make sense to take on a more aggressive or growth-centric approach. After all, you’ve got time on your side and can afford a few mistakes that much older investors may not be able to recover from.

Younger TFSA investors: Growth could be key

Just because you’re young and have the willingness to take on more risk does not mean you should pursue what’s “sexy” at any given time. And those stocks you hear around the water cooler? Odds are they’re hot, and probably too hot to handle unless you’re a seasoned momentum trader who has an exit strategy!

For most beginner TFSA investors, I’d recommend not getting involved with such hot trades, as you may be dragged into a Game of Greater Fools, whereby investors buy a stock with the presumption that someone else (a greater fool, which has nothing to do with us Motley Fools!) will come along and pay a higher price of admission.

TFSA investors: Don’t make the mistake of chasing overly hot plays

Oftentimes, those who play games based on the Greater Fool Theory don’t put in enough homework. And once the punch bowl is taken away, the losses tend to be quick to mount. Worse off, such losses may or may not be recoverable. Of course, that depends on how quickly a hot stock has run up. Remember, if a stock can double, triple, or quadruple over a concise timespan (let’s say less than a year), you can be sure it can lose half, two-thirds, or more of its value over an equally concise timespan.

To form a market-beating TFSA, you don’t need to get in and out with oracle-like precision. What you do need is the time horizon and temperament to ride out the tough times that’ll eventually come your way. In the long run, a stock’s true value tends to shine through.

In this piece, we’ll keep things simple with one growthy stock that’d make for great starters to any young investor’s TFSA fund.

Jamieson Wellness

Jamieson Wellness (TSX:JWEL) is a vitamin, mineral, and supplement maker that seems better tailored to a retiree’s portfolio. It’s an old company with a business model that’s pretty easy to understand. Despite its long history, I believe Jamieson stands out as one of the more attractive growth plays in the mid-cap universe today!

There’s room to run as the company expands its product line-up while looking to grow internationally. For a $1.15 billion firm, there’s plenty of runway. The only question is whether management can seize the opportunity at hand. I think they can. And at 24.7 times trailing price to earnings (with a 2.77% dividend yield), I view JWEL stock as deeply undervalued.

After plunging around 46% from peak to trough, I think JWEL shares are ready to turn a corner. The latest bounce off multi-year lows, I believe, could be the start of something special. Either way, JWEL is one of the low-tech names you can just stash in your TFSA and forget you own about for decades at a time.

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