De Beers Group Partners With Melee the Show 2024

De Beers Group is continuing its support of emerging and independent jewelers with a new partnership.

The luxury jewelry group is partnering with Melee the Show 2024, supporting the jewelry trade show’s exhibitions this year in Tucson and New York.

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Through the partnership, De Beers Group aims to educate participating designers and brands on sustainable mining practices, supply chain transparency and ethical sourcing from its social impact and sustainability manager, Wanetsha Mosinyi.

“I am so pleased to travel from Botswana to share with American designers the story of how their gem quality natural diamonds are sourced,” Mosinyi said. “It is my hope that they feel proud of the part they play in the positive impact that natural diamonds make, directly contributing back to our communities, and that their customers feel proud to wear natural diamonds. In the end, these natural diamonds connect human beings on one end of the world to the other.”

Melee the Show was founded in 2017 as a way for emerging designers to showcase their pieces and connect with buyers. The show’s Tucson exhibition is taking place now through Wednesday and its New York trade show will take place Feb. 5 through 7.

The New York trade show will feature new designers like Anahita Guity Stein, Anne Sportun, Catherine Sarr, Christine Fail and others.

“Our partnership with De Beers Group is one of the great success stories at Melee,” said Melee the Show founders Rebecca Overmann and Lauren Wolf. “With key players at De Beers Group, we can deliver better messaging and transparency on the diamond supply chain. We’ve been able to offer a platform for independent designers to connect with buyers in the U.S. and internationally. We’ve partnered with a handful of sponsors since 2017, but we’ve seen a long-standing and successful partnership with De Beers since our inception.”

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