Basketball player with no arms drains three-pointers in middle school game

Jamarion Styles hits a three-point shot in a video that has gone viral.

Jamarion Styles simply will not let the loss of his arms stop him from chasing his dreams.

The 13-year-old middle school baller — who lost both of his arms due to infection when he was a young boy — was recently captured on video sinking three-point shots without prosthetics. Styles made an appearance on ESPN’s “The Six” after the video had quickly gone viral.

“I make those shots all the time,” Styles shared with ESPN’s Michael Smith and Jamele Hill. When asked if he fancies himself a Steph Curry out there on the court, Style simply said, “I’m more of a Kyrie Irving.”

Basketball, however, is not Styles’ preferred sport. As the young man shared with Smith and Hill, his dream is to one day play football in the NFL.