Barry's Sarah Goldberg Breaks Down a 'Bleak and Beautiful' Series Finale and Weighs in on Sally's Ultimate Fate

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Sunday’s Barry series finale.

Not everyone got a happy ending in Barry‘s series finale, but Sally Reed may have gotten the closest thing to it.

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HBO’s hitman comedy wrapped up its four-season run on Sunday that saw Barry shot dead by his acting mentor Gene Cousineau just as he was about to turn himself in, Hank killed in a gunfight with Fuches and his henchmen and Gene sent to prison for Janice and Barry’s murders. (Read our recap for all the details.) Sally, though, went on to become a high school drama teacher, basking in the applause after a successful production and happily driving home alone with only a bouquet of flowers beside her. Her son John, now a teenager, did watch the movie based on Barry’s life, but it was a sanitized Hollywood version that painted Gene as a scheming villain and Barry as a hapless hero.

In short, it was a lot, so TVLine reached out to Sarah Goldberg, who plays Sally, to help us unpack all the twists and turns. Read on to get her first impressions of the finale script, her take on Sally’s surprisingly humble fate and why she balked at it at first — and Sally’s very complicated feelings about Barry.

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