Barcelona target’s price may plummet after the Euros – report

Barcelona target’s price may plummet after the Euros – report
Barcelona target’s price may plummet after the Euros – report

The coming weeks are going to be crucial for FC Barcelona in the transfer window. La Blaugrana are looking to retain, buy, and sell players on their own terms. However, the market does not always respond to how Barcelona wishes it to, but they may just be fortunate this summer.

That is because this summer, the European Championship and the Copa America are going on. In these tournaments, there are cases of players such as Lamine Yamal, who continue to impress with the Spanish National team and could be eligible to see their value rise even further due to their record-breaking performances.

However, beyond just transfer re-valuations that go upwards, Barcelona also has some benefits in the opposite happening. This would apply to Joao Felix, according to SPORT, as it would help Barcelona find the right kind of sweet spot to take him away from Atletico Madrid.

The player is proving to be a variable for Roberto Martínez and his Portuguese team. In the opening game against the Czech Republic, the 24-year-old Atletico Madrid forward did not start for Portugal, and he was also not among the three attacking substitutes that entered the pitch in that game.

This does not sit well with Atletico Madrid, who were hoping that the Euros would help the player increase his value. On the other hand, this comes as great news for FC Barcelona, who see the player’s decline in market value as a great opening to get Atletico Madrid to agree to their terms rather than those set by the red and white club when it comes to the player’s potential transfer.

Ideally, Barcelona would want to extend the loan of Joao Felix for one more season. Moreover, this loan would not require La Blaugrana to make any sort of financial compensation and would involve a lowered salary for the player, something that Felix himself is willing to do in order to remain at Barcelona.

Atletico Madrid, on the other hand, wanted to find some sort of benefit for themselves. This could have involved financial compensation or at least another player from Barcelona loaned to Atletico Madrid for a season.

FC Barcelona, however, are adamant that it will be the other side in the negotiations that will end up having to give in to the Catalan club’s demands due to issues with Felix and now his lack of involvement in the Euros as well.

Only time will tell, but it seems that Felix may not have much prominence in this edition of the Euros if things remain the same.