Barcelona president Joan Laporta defends club amid Caso Negreira allegations

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The investigation centres on Barcelona's alleged relationship with former vice-president of the referee's committee in Spain, Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira. Despite the many alleged details that have been leaked about the case, Barcelona could avoid punishment, as reports suggest there is no evidence that the club bought referees during Caso Negreira. Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, has been defending the club ever since news first broke in February, and in an impassioned speech at the XIV Congress of Penas Barcelonistas of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla, he reiterated that the club had always upheld its values. "They have nothing and all they wanted is to lack our reputation and honourability. We have 123 years of showing values, commitment, responsibility, honesty and fair play, because that is how we understand football, sport and life," Laporta said. He urged the club's supporters to maintain unity, stating that: "Barca must always belong to all its members, its supporters and the fans we have around the world." Laporta went on to criticize the tactics being used against the club. "Their tactic is to try to drown us, squeeze us, until we give in. We will not allow the dignified sense of Barca that all the Cules have. I will not allow it. We are going to defend Barca to the last drop of blood," he said. Barcelona are expected to give a press conference later this month to explain its version of events over Caso Negreira, with the exact date expected to be 12 April.

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