All About 'Barbie' Co-Writers Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach's Relationship

<span class="caption">How Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach Met</span><span class="photo-credit">Alessandra Benedetti - Corbis - Getty Images</span>
How Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach MetAlessandra Benedetti - Corbis - Getty Images

Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach's latest writing collaboration (Barbie, ever heard of it?) has once again thrust their relationship in the spotlight. By which I mean we suddenly need to know everything about their vibe—including how they met (on the set of Greenberg) and fell in love (after Noah's divorce). And honestly, the details are kinda sparse due to these two being extremely private, not posting each other on social media (due to...not having social media), and keeping things professional-relationship-only during interviews. So, naturally a deep dive in the form of a timeline is in order.

Circa 2010

Noah and his then-wife Jennifer Jason Leigh debut Greenberg, which stars several celebs including Ben Stiller, Chris Messina, Brie Larson, Juno Temple, and Greta Gerwig.

As the New Yorker put it in 2013, "Baumbach and Gerwig met when he cast her alongside Stiller in Greenberg; later, Baumbach separated from Jennifer Jason Leigh, his partner of nine years, and he and Gerwig became both a couple and a writing team. They kept this fairly quiet."

Here are their vibes during press for Greenberg, in case you immediately need to analyze them.

60th berlin international film festival 'greenberg' photocall
Pascal Le Segretain - Getty Images
<span class="photo-credit">Michael Caulfield - Getty Images</span>
Michael Caulfield - Getty Images

November 15, 2010

Noah and Jennifer Jason Leigh divorce.

the 78th annual academy awards arrivals
Ron Galella, Ltd. - Getty Images

FYI: A Marriage Story was speculated to be based, in part, on the end of Noah's relationship with Jennifer, though Noah disputed that. “This movie is not autobiographical; it’s personal, and there’s a true distinction in that,” he told The Times. Still, he shared both the script and the film with Jennifer. “I showed her the script,” he told WSJ magazine. “And then I showed her the movie a little bit ago. She likes it a lot.”

Circa 2011

Noah and Greta start dating. And for those respectfully curious about the timing of all this, it's clear they didn't get together until after Noah's divorce because that same New Yorker profile notes that "Baumbach and Gerwig firmly place the start of their romance at a point after his separation."

Circa 2012

Noah and Greta collaborate on Frances Ha and start appearing in public more often—here they are in Telluride!

2012 telluride film festival day 1
Vivien Killilea - Getty Images

February 14, 2013

They also start doing press for Frances Ha and it's all very cute:

'frances ha' photocall 63rd berlinale international film festival
Dominique Charriau - Getty Images

Circa 2015

Noah and Greta collaborate once again on Mistress America. Here are the vibes during that press tour, in case you were wondering.

<span class="photo-credit">Sonia Recchia - Getty Images</span>
Sonia Recchia - Getty Images
<span class="photo-credit">John Phillips - Getty Images</span>
John Phillips - Getty Images
<span class="photo-credit">Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images</span>
Jamie McCarthy - Getty Images

May 21, 2017

Despite maintaining a low-key public profile, the pair attends Cannes looking peak chic.

hollywood foreign press association's 2017 cannes film festival event the 70th annual cannes film festival
George Pimentel - Getty Images

October 8, 2017

Noah joins Greta for a screening of her excellent film, Lady Bird:

55th new york film festival
Dimitrios Kambouris - Getty Images

March 4, 2018

And the couple casually takes their relationship to the Oscars:

90th annual academy awards arrivals
Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

March 20, 2019

Greta's rep confirms she and Noah have welcomed their first child after they're spotted with a baby stroller in Manhattan.

An eyewitness tells E! News, "Noah was pushing and Greta was right next to him. They were chatting and enjoying some fresh air. They were bundled up in the chilly weather and they had a gray and white striped blanket draped over the stroller."

January 12, 2020

After a quiet-ish year enjoying new parenthood, the couple attends several awards, including the CCAs.

fiji water at the 25th annual critics' choice awards
Stefanie Keenan - Getty Images

February 9, 2020

Another year, another Oscars red carpet. Normal relationship stuff.

92nd annual academy awards arrivals
Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

December 1, 2022

Greta announces she's pregnant with her second child while on The Tonight Show!

Meanwhile, she and Noah collaborate on White Noise for Netflix.

<span class="photo-credit">David M. Benett - Getty Images</span>
David M. Benett - Getty Images

July 3, 2023

Rolling Stone confirms Noah and Greta have welcomed their second child with this nugget included in a profile: "It’s 10:30, and she has a three-month-old baby at home." The interview is conducted in May 2023, so gonna assume this little one was born in March!

That brings us up to date, but we'll keep you INFORMED.

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