#BanTheBarf: TV Writers Need to Give Hurling the Heave-Ho!

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Lately, television writers have been overestimating their audiences’ desire to see characters lose their lunch. From the prestige drama of HBO’s Big Little Lies and Game of Thrones to the teen tearjerker Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why to the outlandish comedy of Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet and Comedy Central’s Review, everyone is spilling their guts.

Why must you torment us, TV writers?! We cherish these characters, learning to love their foibles, but you strain our devotion with this campaign to reveal the contents of their stomachs in high-definition broadcasting!

Have you no shame? We implore you, television writers, to give hurling the heave-ho! Chuck out the upchuck! Ban the barf! Egress the egest.

Please heed our call, TV writers. This epidemic of praying to the porcelain gods must be stopped before our hearts and minds discharge their devotion in favor of less chundering in our programming! If you agree, tweet “#BanTheBarf” at your favorite show’s writers and producers. Together, we can make a difference.

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