Baldur's Gate 3 stars talk "magical" fan reaction and The Sims comparisons

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Baldur's Gate 3 stars talk The Sims comparisonsLarian Studios (via Digital Spy)

Baldur's Gate 3 has been an incredible success, wowing fans and critics alike.

Since its launch, Larian Studios' hugely ambitious game has blown up on the internet and been described by many as one of the best RPGs of all time. There are so many things to love about the game, from the companions and the emotional journeys that they go through to the high level of player agency in the storytelling that helps to create a very personalised narrative.

The voice actors have played a massive part in helping to breathe life into the story and the characters that they portray.

"It's been overwhelming in the best possible way!" Devora Wilde, who plays githyanki Lae'zel, told Digital Spy when discussing the fan reaction to the game and characters.

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"To see how passionate people are about the game, the characters, and their stories, to hear that people have gotten genuinely emotional during some of the endings — it's all you can ever hope for as an actor, to have been part of something that's touched so many people.

"I'm so proud of the work that everyone has done on this game. We put our hearts into it, and I'm glad people can see and connect with that."

Jennifer English, who plays Shadowheart, a cleric of Shar, added: "I've fallen hard for this community, and the support and love we've received has been the highlight of my career.

"As Dev said, we've truly put our hearts into it. And that's not just the actors — every person involved is so genuinely passionate about this game, so it's beyond magical to see the community respond with the same care and passion."

Later on, we brought up how Baldur's Gate 3 is similar to The Sims in a lot of ways, despite belonging to completely different genres. At first, it may sound like a weird comparison.

Both games are inclusive, allowing the player to be who they want and offering a lot of freedom, and in return, the narrative adapts in an organic manner.

"I don't think it's a weird comparison at all!" English replied. "That's exactly how I feel about it now I've started playing it myself. It really feels like a universe of possibility, and the freedom as a player feels exciting and terrifying in equal measure. And it is indeed so rewarding.

"Larian has made something so groundbreaking and rich and fantastical, and just like The Sims, we're the architects of our own narratives."

baldur's gate 3 shadowheart
Larian Studios

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She continued: "As an actor involved in a project that champions player agency and actively seeks to create a diverse and inclusive world, it is incredibly fulfilling. Seeing players embrace this freedom and express themselves in countless ways adds another layer of depth to the game's immersive experience.

"I love that it allows us the opportunity to truly be who we want to be within the game world."

Wilde said: "I love The Sims! This was the only game I played growing up, and I remember with fondness the pure freedom in being able to craft your characters and build their houses and environments and to go completely crazy with that.

"I applaud Larian for giving the player so much agency. I think it's partly why so many players are spending hours in character creation. A game is just so much more immersive if you're allowed to truly be yourself, and this game does this brilliantly.

baldur's gate 3 lae'zel
Larian Studios (via Digital Spy)

"In this fantasy world of monsters and tadpoles, anyone is free to come along for the ride and show up exactly as they wish. I personally think this is wonderful."

The fact that the storylines can go in so many different directions and go down so many possible paths may sound daunting to pull off, but for English and Wilde, the game allowed them to explore every facet of their characters.

"Thank God we had such an incredible team of voice and performance directors to guide us through it," English said. "It was hugely complicated, but we were always given so much help to make sure we were on the right track.

"And yes, the breadth of choice absolutely meant that we could really dive in to the depths of these enormously rich and detailed characters. Our motivations, beliefs, and relationships — every aspect was meticulously explored."

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Larian Studios

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Wilde said that the structure of the storytelling was very appealing to get involved with. "I didn't necessarily find it a challenge — for me, it was exciting to be able to explore different pathways Lae'zel could take and how that might potentially change her outlook on various events in the game," she explained.

"To have your character go on a journey of which there are many iterations based on player choice is a narrative construct that you don't get in traditional film and TV, and for me, this was really an amazing opportunity to delve into a completely new realm."

English added: "It took a lot of work, but judging by the community's reaction, it was entirely worth it."

Baldur's Gate 3 is out now on PC, PS5, and Mac. An Xbox Series X/S release is expected later this year.

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